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1911 University

Want to build your own custom 1911 pistol?
Click Below to find out how!


Pistols, AR Platforms, AK Platforms, Hunting Rifles, Shotguns and more!
We carry many popular models for any price range.
If we don't have it, we'll order it for you!


Specializing in 1911 / 2011 pistols, we also offer other services including complete STI custom builds, AR-15 custom builds, GLOCK slide cuts and more!
Visit us to get started.

Firearms Transfers

$25.00 Per Firearm
(Includes NCIC Check)


Reloading products and accessories for all skill levels. We are an official Dillon Precision™ dealer. Reloading machines, die sets for every caliber, case gauges and of course, brass, bullets, primers and powder. Everything you need to make your own ammunition. 


Shop our wide range of weapon accessories from top manufacturers. Magazines, grips, sights, stocks, optics, rail accessories from Magpul™, MFT, GLOCK™, Sig Sauer™ and more. Stop by today and let us upgrade you!

reloading machines & accessories

We carry Dillon Precision reloading machines. RL550B, XL650 and Super1050.
Plus, all the die sets and accessories you could want.

Pistol & Rifle brass

Pistol & Rifle brass in many calibers. We source our brass from all over the USA to bring you the best prices around.

reloading bullets

Jacketed, Hollow-Point, Steel Core and many more. We carry bullets for any reloading application. Shop our selection today!

powder & primers

We stock a wide variety of powders and primers for reloaders. Working up a new load? Stop by and pick up what you need. If we don't stock it, we'll order it for you!

FFL Transfer Information

Use the checkout process on Bud's website. When you get to the pick an FFL section choose "Bender Shooting, LLC". That is us. Bud's has our FFL on file and will ship directly to us. 


Transfers from individuals are NOT accepted. You are responsible for verifying this before purchasing.
Items that arrive from an individual will be returned at your expense.

Email the following information to us at sales@evergladesammo.com :

- Your complete contact info (Name, address, phone number and email address)

- GunBroker auction number or other identifying information for item to be transferred

- Item description (Make, Model, Caliber)

- Email address for the seller so we can send them a copy of our FFL

- If the seller sends you tracking info please forward it to us at the above email 

The transfer fee is $25 (per firearm) including NCIC check. We will contact you when the item arrives so you can come in to our retail store and fill out the required ATF paperwork.

Handguns (with CWP) and rifles require no waiting period. Handguns (without CWP) require 3 day wait after the NCIC check has been run.

Pickup location and hours:

Everglades Retail Store
3564 Plover Ave
Naples, FL 34117

Tuesday - Thursday 10AM-5PM
Friday 10AM-4PM